Teaching English as a second Language to the teachers and children of rural Sri Lanka provides them with the language skills necessary to increase their employment options.  

Most children in the rural communities follow their families into farming.   Many of these farms are located directly on the paths of migrating elephants.  When the elephants come upon the delicious crops they help themselves to an unexpected feast, leaving the family without the food they need to survive.  Farmers have become afraid and hostile towards the elephants and frequently kill them.  This human elephant conflict causes 250 elephant deaths a year.  At this rate the Sri Lanka elephant will become extinct in 10 years.  Keeping the farmlands clear of crops or planting foods elephants do not like is the goal of the SrI Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society.  

As part of Guru Travel's commitment to ending this Human Elephant conflict we work with the farmers children to help them learn english and also to instill in them the understanding of how valuable elephants are as an adored species around the world.